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Get truly unlimited, wireless, high-speed broadband for R799pm x 24. Now available in over 1600 locations.

The Easiest Way To Sign Up For Telkom SmartBroadband Uncapped Wireless LTE

*Limited Offer - Only 50 packages available per area

You'd better be quick if you want to join the 50 spots per area and get truly unlimited, wireless, high speed internet at these prices:

uncapped lte

Only 50 Packages Available Per Area:

P/M Incl Vat


uncapped lte

Now available in over 1600 locations nationally!

Easy installation, just plug and play. With no cables and no installation fees you get connected instantly. No fixed line required.

telkom uncapped lte

No wires, no mess, no fuss

uncapped lte

The sky is the limit

with uncapped

uncapped lte

A first in South Africa with Telkom. The Sky is the limit with Uncapped Wireless Broadband

telkom uncapped lte

Your bandwidth won't fluctuate, your Skype calls won’t drop and you won't lose signal. That's why Telkom is voted the Best Wireless Broadband Service in SA.

Uncapped data for all traffic types except bandwidth intensive protocols and applications. 50GB Fair Usage Policy (FUP) Cap for bandwidth intensive protocols and applications. Uncapped Wi-Fi Bundle with 10GB FUP Cap.

Light-speed connections

Up to 90Mbps download speeds & up to 25Mbps upload speeds. No buffering, better latency. It is the internet LIVE.

The most reliable connection out there

So you get a low price with all this value included:


....But you have to act now as the offer is limited to 50 packages per area and is only Valid until all slots are sold out!


Monthly Data

-Unlimited Data for all traffic types except bandwidth intensive protocols. (Yes Netflix is uncapped!)

-P2P (Peer-to-peer) bundle with 50GB FUP cap (fair usage policy)


-Free Huawei LTE Wi-Fi Router

Contract Duration

-24 Months


Network Speed

-Up to 90Mbps downlink speed and up to 25Mbps uplink speed

Uncapped Deal Expires In:

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100% privacy guaranteed. Your information will not be shared.

uncapped lte
telkom uncapped lte

Powered By Telkom's Award Winning Mobile Network

Powered By Telkom's Award Winning Mobile Network

DSL Telecom Is An Authorised Telkom Service Provider

Please note the deal is subject to coverage check as well as a credit check. Telkom and DSL Telecom cannot guarantee that the deal will still be available by the time your application form and documentation have been received.?

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